What our customers say!

Javier Pazo
We are working professionally with Xpoze since 2007. I can and I must tell anyone that the best part for the software is the GREAT support. Tested many times, they are allways there. Best support I've had in any software EVER. We are going to buy more licenses with v6.

Angelina Lens
Xpoze has the best, most reliable functionality, most aesthetically beautiful design layout, and impresses visitors beyond their expectations. After a decade of research through trial and error, I'm not longer writing the definition of insanity. Instead, I found the golden goose, an absolute gem hidden in the messy playground of the internet! Xpoze~ You'll appreciate it no matter where you're coming from!

Andriy Solovyov
A tailored script and hassle-free support that is an absolute match for my micro photo stock bank. I've been enjoying it for quite a while! This is the best you can get.

I have had the beta version of ipoze running for a while now and have to tell you that the benefits of this desk-top application are tremendous.
I have been a photography industry professional for more than 30 years and run four websites and a forum under the terryodee brand, it is only recently that I have changed the stock-site to xpoze, an amazing and powerful software. Now i have added ipoze I am just blown away. Overall, the best web photo package and support any where... and I have tried a few.
Terry Odonnell

Simon Johnson
I am new to photography, just starting up and wanted a script that will allow me to publish my snapz and also encourage others to do the same whilst at the same time making money doing something they enjoy.

Xpoze seemed too good to be true but I took the plug and purchased it. Probably the best investment I am likely to make.

Installation was smooth (i did it myself).
Templates good and now am a very happy freelancer with the future looking VERY ROSY.

Thanks Guys.
I must say the support is incredible and I got a call soon after purchase (sadly I couldn't answer the phone) but I am still so impressed.
Looking forward to a rosy future with you guys (and gals?)
Simon Johnson

Clint Guthridge
With my photographic business outgrowing my old website I set about setting up a more complete website which enabled me to do all my business online from advertising to sales allowing customers to download online.

Xpoze provided all the answers for the complete photo stock site.

I'm not a web person so their support team were great in helping me set it up and overcome my own lack of technical knowledge.

The CEO even took the time out to contact me direct to assist me with some issues I was having and I dare say you don't find to many company CEO's taking the time to assist customers with web based issues.

Great service and a good product to go with it.

Highly recommend it and they are improving their package all the time.

Xpoze is a top-quality, highly professional script.
It is very flexible and can be tailored in many ways to service various markets.

The support is just like the script; highly professional, fast and tailored to your needs.
The developers think along and work out the best solution possible for your special requirements. They are very pleasant and reliable partners to work with, which is very important if you are building serious business.

I have a lot of experience with buying scripts and working with programmers.

Rest assured the Xpoze products and team are among the best. If you are thinking of starting a website in images, videos or MP3, buying Xpoze is the best decision you can make.

Muzaffer Arslan
I can confirm all what other people wrote here about the support, friendly, programming skills, very hard working and so on.
I have just started before few months and daily work in this business show that you need always change something on your software and they really are the best partner to do this.

I want to say thanks for great work and wish you many success in the future.

After make a research for many weeks, I decided to choose xpoze to become our script.
This script really good with very competitive price. Very good with customer service / support and very recommended for anyone who want to have photo stock script.
5 Thumb up !!

This company is simple the best!!.
Great costumer support, fast, and they really know what they’re doing.
Best solutions in software for your site..
Stop thinking and buy the script!

The scripts are very good.
They work so smoothly. No problems at all. And the presales and support are GREAT.
Very fast, to the point and patient.
So happy I found them. :)
Regards, Ray

WOW what can i say
Fantastic Script ... Really has fulfilled all my expectations and surpassed them
And The support is out of this world .. if only more companies operated with such dedication to each and every customer .. I cant praise them enough
They went Above and Beyond the call of duty with my picky demands ... and did what no other company I have ever dealt with could
You Rock
I Cant thank you Enough ... Buy this script ... Trust this Company ... They are Brilliant ... Thanx Again for all your hard work
Anybody feel free to email me and I let you know how well I was treated by EyeMedia ... VIP all the way

Bjorn Centio
We have work with photo's like over 5 yrs now, and this is the best gallery ever.
The support is incredible.
This is really perfect!!
I will recommend everybody about this!

I've been working with graphics, membership scripts, gallery scripts and the like for over 10yrs.
This is the best one ever, and in my opinion underpriced.
The support, pre-sales, during sale and following is incredible.
I searched for 5 months for a suitable solution for my needs..and it is perfect.
I will be buying two more licenses within a month!
No hesitation in recommending at all.