• Linux or Windows server
  • Apache 2 or newer
  • Mod ReWrite (installed by default on most apache servers)
  • PHP 5.3 or newer

PHP 5 extensions

MySQL (deprecated in PHP 5.4, replaced by MySQLi)
As of PHP 5.4 MySQL extension has been deprecated as it hass been replace by the MySQLi (improved) library.
Please note MySQLi is not direct replacement for MySQL. Any website replying on MySQL solely will not function on MySQLi unless adapted.
Xpoze version 6.x has had a dual support for bought with priority to MySQLi.
For best performance out of MySQLi please make sure you also have the MySQLND (native driver) library.

MySQL phpinfo requirements

MySQLi phpinfo requirements

GD2 (required)
This is the main Image Manipulation library that Xpoze uses to generate thumbnails, smaller versions and take video thumbs from FFMPEG.

GD library phpinfo requirements

Exif (optional)
All digital cameras embed information about the camera. This library is used to display that information.

Exif library phpinfo requirements

Zip (required; default within newer PHP versions)
BatchUpload ZIP upload functionality and Collections download require this library.

Zip library phpinfo requirements

FFMPEG-PHP (required for Videos)
This library requires FFMPEG application to be installed on your server.
In order to support video conversion and thumbnail extraction this library is required.
This library uses a series of codecs for FLV and MP4 generation in order to provide support for bought older and newer browsers including mobile devices like Android, iPhone and Windows Phone.
The codecs required are: MPEG2, AAC, H.264/MPEG4, FLV

FFMPEg library phpinfo requirements

MagickWand (optional, it expands Xpoze upload capabilities; mandatory for BrushyPhoto)
MagickWand also called iMagick requires ImageMagick application to be installed on your server.

MagickWand library phpinfo requirements

OR in newer versions it might be called iMagick

Imagick library phpinfo requirements

SQLite (optional)
It powers Xpoze Cache Level 2 (for high volume site), Level 0 and 1 do not require it.

SQLite 3 library phpinfo requirements