System Settings

This is the section where many of the system settings referred thorough this document are configured. The main sections to be configured are: Site Info, Download Sizes prices, Display Globals, System, Show/Hide Sections, Home Uploads, Auto Approvals, Static Profile Fields and Dynamic Profile Fields.

Some details for the configurable fields is listed bellow:
Site Name - Will show in title, emails and saved files names
Admin - Administrator email address. Will be receiving email alerts
Site Email - System email address. Will show as sender of all system emails
PayPal Account - PayPal account to receive payments. blank = disabled
MoneyBookers Account - MoneyBookers account to receive payments
Currency - Standard short currency name (e.g. USD, EUR..)
Template - Used site template
Default Language - Default language of the site
Currency - Currency sign
Price - For stock section only
Fee % - Percentage of all sales the site deducts from it's sellers
Sort - Default sort for all listings
Order - Default order for all listings
Results - Number of results shown/page
Columns - Number of images/row in each listing
Thumb - Default thumb size in listings
Max Width - Width of the watermark protected image
Max Height - Height of the watermark protected image
Timezone +/- GMT - Time zone used through out the site
Current time and date: September 8 2013, 5:20pm
History - Use search history and number of queries shown
Rating - Show top rated box and the number of images shown in top ranked
Site Info - Show site info box
Comments - Use file comments
Free - Number of free images one user can download/day
Cache - This will make the system use less CPU and more HDD space (~4MB / 100 images)
SMTP - Check this box if you wish to send emails thru SMTP
Host - Your smtp mail server (e.g.
Port - Smtp server port
Username - Login username (e.g.
Password - Login password