Batch Uploads

The Batch Uploads section is the second step between upload and publishing. Here you can see the images that are currently in the Batch section of your members and as an administrator or editor you can process or group them to save the member the trouble.

Xpoze does not show the pictures uploaded by multiple users in the same place in Batch Upload. By default it lists only the images of the logged in user if another user is not selected. This is done in order to avoid the selection of pictures from different users at the same time.

IPTC keywords are extracted from the uploaded images. Categories are also read and compared with the ones present on the website. If similarities are found the first 3 are selected. It also reads the tile of the image, the description and keywords if available.

Images can be sorted by size, orderer ascending or descending based on when they were added and the number of images shown per page can be up to 200. The images can be processed all at once or several images can be manually selected and processed. To select all images press Check All. From here on we have 2 options: Make singles and Make group.

If `Make singles` is selected the next decision is about putting all images in the same categories as the first or not. Afterwards the user is taken to a page where has has to select the categories, add a title, description and keywords. A dominant color for the image can also be selected, so it can be found by buyers via the Search by color feature. If the check box “All in the same category as the first” is activated than the user only has to select a category for the first image and it will be added to the others as well.

After OK is pressed the `Image processed!` message appears on success. Next if the images are approved by the administrator they will be visible on the website.

The `Make group` button adds all the selected images to a group. That mean they can be purchased together at a better price. This option is useful because it allows the seller to combine less popular images to better sold ones and create an attractive package.