New Uploads

The new Uploads list features all the images that have been newly uploaded but not processed yet. If Auto Approval is off for at least one account type that can make public uploads (Photographers, Editors and Administrators) then all new uploads of those members will show in here for approval before becoming visible to anyone else.

Each upload listed has four options:
  • Edit: so you can see all the details before approving
  • Delete: if you decide you wish to remove it for any reason
  • Decline: in case the publisher needs to review certain files or data
  • Approve: if all is in order

After the image is approved it disappears from the New Uploads list and is visible on the website's front end. If delete or Decline and delete is pressed the image disappears from the New Uploads section as well as from the website.

If Advanced is pressed the administrator faces more choices. He can send a predefined message to the uploader (Image Release missing, bad quality, visible brands, thanks) along with the Declination or approval of the image.

The predefined messages can be added and modified from the Custom Emails section. A message can also be composed on the fly, if the need arises. If Decline and move to private is chosen the image will not appear on the website, but will be kept in the back-end in the uploader's private files.

If the image is clicked in advanced mode a lightbox with the image appears with the option of making a 50% or 100% zoom. The size and dimensions of the image are also shown. The image can also be saved locally for detailed inspection.