The Batch upload tool is an add-on module, that is purchasable separately from the Xpoze script but designed to integrate perfectly in it. It facilitates easier upload of images. It works in two simple steps:

  • Upload
Using an advanced uploaded with progress indicators you can select multiple files at once and upload them onto the server with the same ease as you would do on a FTP connection but none of the hassle.
To upload a new batch of images go to the Upload page. Because no files have been selected yet it will look a bit empty.
Click Browse, select all the images you want to upload in this batch and click ok. If you have selected one or more images by mistake you can  remove them before uploading by selecting the file and clicking Remove. If the whole batch of images does not suit you click Clear and select other files. Clicking upload will begin the process. The last column will inform you about the status of each file, and if it has been uploaded or not.
After the upload is complete you will be sent to My Account > Batch to edit the files that have just been uploaded.

  • Processing/Grouping
Processing allows you to select multiple files and add titles, descriptions and all the other details for your images before moving them in the selected section (Private, Free, Stock, Special, Exclusive or Collection). If your files hold IPTC data it will be extracted and filled in the title, description and keywords so you donít have to fill them in. If you have categories listed in the IPTC data Xpoze will try to match them to the names of the Xpoze categories in the language youíre using at that time.
Grouping Similar to processing, without having the files in separate uploads but all in one as a group. Same IPTC rules apply except for title and description as they are common to all, so title and description of one image canít describe all.

Other important features include:
- progress bar and statistics
- IPTC keywords are extracted from each image

If the make singles option is selected the user has to fill in the data for each image then press submit. The more data is enter, the greater the probability that the images are seen and purchased is. After the above images were configured separately we have selected 4 images for the purpose of grouping. After Make Group is pressed we are taken to the following page where we create a name for the group and add a description. We can add it to 3 categories and highlight a color tag and keywords for each image.