This is the most used section of the site, intended for storage of cheap general usage files.
The price for this section is fixed and is set by the administrator in the Settings section.
They can be purchased at lower prices if a subscription is used as explained above or if purchased a smaller size.

There are eight download options and six sizes:
  1. XXL original size, and default price
  2. XL 85% the price and size
  3. L 66% the price and size
  4. M 50% the price and size
  5. S 35% the price and size
  6. XS 17% the price and size
  7. EXL original size and double the price Extended license for double usage limits.
  8. UXL original size user defined price Ultra extended license for very high usage. (not shown if set to 0)

The percentages for the sizes and prices of the XL to XS sizes can be set by administrators from Settings. Price and size can have different percentages set. For example: XL can be set to have 85% the size or the original and 65% the price.