This section shows some statistics of all account activity for the user. There are 5 different types of activities listed here:
  • Funding – Appear if the account receives funds added by an administrator or purchased from the Credits section.
  • Withdrawals - New withdraws will first show as pending, once it is no longer pending it means an administrator has sent you the funds. Withdrawals can be requested from the bottom of this section.
  • Sales - When an item listed by the user has been purchased by someone. Next to the SOLD text you will see the item’s id and the size it was sold at. If you hover the mouse over the id a pop–up will show the item’s thumbnail.
  • Downloads - Displays purchased items. The id and size of the item is listed. Also if the download is less then 24h old you will see the RE DOWNLOAD link that gives you the option to save it again if you did not succeed upon purchase.
  • Subscription - This indicates the user has acquired a subscription.

Other symbols mean:
  • [+] USD - The value the account was credited upon funding or item sale.
  • [–] USD - The amount the account was debited upon withdrawal or purchase.
  • Commission - The amount deducted by the system from your credited amount.

At the the bottom of the page the current balance is displayed. Before the list there's a search box that allows users to search the reports from any given date to any given date as well as listing only the chosen type of transition or all. After the list the user has the withdraw request form.