The back-end of the website along with tips on how to configure it will be explained in the following chapters. This part is for members only and it's contents depend on user rank.

The manual explains everything from within the admin rank perspective as it is the most complex.

XPOZE has four different account types:
  1. Buyer - an account used by the user who wants to purchase images.
  2. Seller - the seller of materials.
  3. Editor - an administrator with limited rights. Editor accounts in addition to photographers also have limited access to: New Uploads, Global Uploads, Global Batch and Members. Limited access means they can add, approve, decline, suspend and edit options but not delete.
  4. Administrator - the account that can access all the available options, having full control of the site.

The main features for each account type are:
  • Manage Profile
  • View Transactions Reports
  • Site Mail
  • Buy Credits
  • Buy/Renew Subscriptions
  • Manage Favorites
  • Manage Private Uploads
  • Post News

  • All buyer features and:
  • Manage Free Photos
  • Manage Stock Photos
  • Manage Special Photos
  • Manage Exclusive Photos
  • Manage Vector Graphics
  • Manage Photo Collections
  • Manage Batch Uploads
  • All seller features and:
  • Approve Fresh Uploads
  • Manage Global Uploads - limited access
  • Managed Global Batch Uploads,
  • Manage Members - limited access

  • All editor features and:
  • Approve Fresh Uploads
  • Manage Global Uploads - full access
  • Manage Global Batch Uploads
  • Manage Global Free Photos,
  • Manage Global Private Photos,
  • Manage Members - full access
  • Email/Newsletter Members
  • View Global Transactions Reports
  • Handle Withdraws
  • Tweak Site Settings
  • Configure Credits and Subscriptions
  • Manage Site Languages
  • Manage Categories and Subcategories
  • Edit Site Pages and Texts