Clicking on an products will lead the user to that products/collections page.

The common elements found on this page are:
  • Name: Appears in the upper left side above the actual image as well as in the browser window title.
  • Section: The section where the respective image is set in
  • Description: The description given to the respective image.
  • Preview: Offers a bigger view of the image with a very well placed watermark to prevent unauthorized copying of the images.
  • User: The username of the original uploader and seller of the image.
  • Viewed: Displays the number of times the photo has been viewed.
  • Downloads: Displays the number of times the photo has been downloaded.
  • Categories: Displays the Category/Categories to which the image was assigned.
  • Keywords: Shows the keywords assigned to an image, if any
  • File Rating: Displays the rating given to the product by other users. In order for someone to rate a product they need o be logged in, and nobody can rate a file twice.
  • Other files: Depending on the product type and other criteria here you may find: images in the same group, related images, other files from the same user, other videos.
  • Download: Displays the available purchasable sizes and extensions for the product.

The standard options are:
  • EXL - 3.8x3.2cm, 300DPI (comes with special rights of usage)
  • XXL - 3.8x3.2cm, 300DPI
  • XL - 3.2x2.7cm, 300DPI
  • L - 2.5x2.1cm, 300DPI
  • M - 1.9x1.6cm, 300DPI
  • S - 5.5x4.7cm, 72DPI
  • XS - 2.7x2.3cm, 72DPI
  • Comments: Shows comments left by other users, if available.
  • IPTC: Displays info about the image contained within the image. (professional photographers tend to write information within their images)
  • EXIF: Displays info about the camera and its settings at the moment the picture was taken. If that image has been edited when you might find the image editor there as well.