A picture is worth more than a thousand words and will have a different interpretation for everyone from now on. Introducing Xpoze, your complete entirely web-based solution for selling stock photos, digital images and videos on the internet through an reliable, safe and user-friendly system. It is a valuable resource for business and persons who desire a fast method of selling photography worldwide in the blink of an eye.

What is Xpoze?
Web designers, journalists, bloggers, marketeers and web developers always needs new Stock Photos for illustrating purposes. Professional photographers also need new Stock Photography sites to use as a channel for selling their photos. They are always searching for new opportunities and you don't have to be very big or invest in advertising to succeed. This type of websites have a huge potential as an online business and generate a lot of traffic.

XPOZE is a entirely web based platform that allows original member-generated images, royalty-free stock and design to be sold or bought via it's interface. Search of photographs or vector is easy and well organized. The application is fully customizable making it a powerful tool for website administrators.

The Xpoze script is easily installed on your websites hosting space. Your users then browse photo categories you define and add photos or photo groups to their shopping carts. They can then checkout and rapidly make the payment with either PayPal or credit card, and access their purchased photos in the members area. From there they can download, deliver them by email or create a direct download link active for 24h for the photos they bought. Free images and different price incentives can be offered to visitors to increase the sales.

Why Xpoze is different
XPOZE is one of the most comprehensive stock photo scripts on the market. The high demand for this type of product has increased the number of amateur solution available on the internet at moderate prices. But none of them are as good as ours. Xpoze is an extremely effective tool for your web business. Images can be sold as stock or exclusive, videos, vector graphics and even artwork can be purchased or sold with a few clicks. Watermarks are added automatically to protect image theft or unauthorized duplication. Upload of up to 2GB of files is smoothly done with our batch upload tool and IPTC data is automatically extracted. And there's more.

Every type of user has different community tools. From Buyer to Editor, Photographer and reaching the Administrator everyone has well structured roles and custom tools to help them reach their purpose. The Buyer can Buy Credits, Renew Subscriptions, View Transactions Reports, Manage Favorites and Private Uploads send Site Mails or Post News.

The next level user is the Photographer who can do everything mentioned for the Buyer and also manage Stock, Free, Special or Exclusive Photos but also Vector Graphics, edit Batch Uploads and create and sell Photo Collections. It is great for event photographers such as weddings, sports, kids sports, animal shows, races, concerts, and many more. This allows event photographers to upload their complete event for viewing both by public, or private clients and sell them as groups.

The Editor is a small administrator by having all the rights mentioned above and also the right to approve New uploads and Global Batch Uploads. He has limited rights to Manage Global Uploads and Members. The Administrator, being usually the site's webmaster has the powers to Edit Site Pages and Texts, manage languages, categories, credits, subscriptions and members. He can also send newsletters, handle withdrawals, delete images and change site settings.

Other features include a lightbox, rating system, RSS feeds for news, free photo, random photo and each category, fully customizable CSS based HTML with TPL pages, multi-template support, hyperlinked keyword search , zoom and partial view of images, browser based image editor and much more.

Start Using Xpoze Today!
If you would you like to start your own royalty Free Stock Photo service but can't afford to have expensive software, Xpoze is just the thing for you. The administrative tasks are done just by using your favorite web browser on a 100% user-friendly interface. Even non-technical persons will have no problem working with the application, as it is intuitive and fast. Xpoze is the perfect system for you to just plug in and start making a profit.

Xpoze is a fully featured e-commerce enabled business ready image store and a digital asset manager, that gives you the ability to have a great online exposure in this field. The Xpoze script comes complete with a backend manager for editing news, faqs, plans, member accounts and much more. This is the most reliable and ready-to-use script you will find.