FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What language is Xpoze programmed in?

Xpoze is programmed in PHP and of course using XHTML, CSS2 and JavaScript.

What database does it use?

Xpoze uses mySQL via a custom built function for added security.

How secure is it?

We have built a number of custom functions to help secure and clean up any malicious user input before running the DB commands.
Besides this all upload folders have two or even three layers of security.

I see you also have hosting. Do I have to use yours?

No, you can use the hosting of your choice as long as it meets our requirements.

Is the source code encrypted?

No, the code is Open Source and anyone is free to customize it at will.

If I customize my script will I lose the ability to update?

It depends. If you leave the core intact and only make customizations as modules you will be able to update.
Since version 6 Xpoze has the ability to load modules and the modules can be created to make quite big changes.

How hard is it to customize the design?

Not hard at all. Xpoze has most of it's design located in TPL template files.
Anyone with HTML skills should have no problem customizing it without ever getting near a piece of the code.

Where can I change the watermark?

The watermark file location is: images/watermark.png

How does Xpoze handle thumbnails?

It depends on if cache option is turned on or off from System Settings.
If it is on it will store all thumbs on the hard drive.
If not it will only store one, the largest and use that to generate on the fly the thumbs for each user thus using ~10% less space but putting a bit more strain on your CPU.

Most emails sent by scripts end up in SPAM? Will this be the case?

Not if you use a SMTP server to send your email.
You can set everything up from System Settings.

Where is the back-end?

There isn't one.
Xpoze administrators can also act as sellers or buyers so all admin features can be found in the front-end admin member account.
This way you don't have to log in as admin in the back-end and as a regular user in the front-end to sell your pictures.